Age barriers in counter strike: global explosives game

Counter strike: global explosives were launched in 2012 but many people do not know the history of their favorite game. Valve purchased counter-strike beta version from the CS programmers who originally developed the game. The popularity of the game increased after Valve released it. The game had many updates when bought by Valve. After a year, Counter-Strike 1,6 was released as the latest update. Then in March 2004, the franchise had Counter-Strike Condition Zero. Almost after eight years of the first update the final version of the game was released in 2012 widely known as counter strike: global explosives.

Parents often ask if the game is safe and ideal for their children. There is no official age limit to the game, but a lot of people consider it a raw violent game. This can be because there are explosives in the game and bombs; this tends to influence the behavior of the children. This can be true for some children while not for others. The game is mostly played by teens and adults. If a parent think that his child can face the tough competition as in the game, then they should play the game otherwise they should avoid it. The growing popularity of the game has attracted children also. There are many lessons that children can learn from the game like team work. Players play in team, so the only way to win the game is through team work.

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