What are the different game modes in CS2?

There are six game modes in the latest version of counter-strike: global explosives shooting game. some modes are more popular than other modes. In this article, we will discuss the most popular game modes. Pro players tend to play more difficult and competitive mode, while other modes are for basic players. The most famous and well-known mode in the counter-strike: global explosives game is the competitive mode. This is the favorite mode for CS2 players who tend to improve their skills and who are very experienced in the game. This mode has different levels, therefore there are different ranks.

Ranks help to distinguish the skills of a pro player from others. Ranks are also a reason CS2 is the most played game among the other esports game. Every player is playing to secure a higher rank. A higher rank means a better player. Players can make a faceit account and try CS2 faceit boosting to reach to their desired rank. There are seven maps in the competitive mode. These maps are- Dust 2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Vertigo, Overpass and Train. The mode these maps are played on is defusal. There are thirty rounds and after first fifteen rounds, the teams switch places and keep on playing. The next mode is casual mode. Casual mode is less competitive than competitive mode. For players who do not like to play competitive mode can play casual mode and have fun in playing this mode. In casual mode, there are only sixteen rounds as compared to thirty rounds in competitive mode. In casual mode, the players will get helmet and Kevlar for free, while these two have to be purchased in competitive mode.

Another popular CS2 mode is Deathmatch. Players do not have to buy anything in this mode, every weapon is free of cost. The winner of this mode is selected on the basis of points. Any player who has maximum points will win the game in this mode. The next in our list is War Games. This mode was supposed to be temporary but Valve did not take it down from the game.